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USPS Requests Another Stamp Hike in July: Keep US Posted Statement

The U.S. Postal Service, under the leadership of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, has officially filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission to increase postage rates yet again in July 2023. This move would cap off three stamp increases in twelve months—the most rate increases in the shortest duration ever. The filing is currently with the Postal Regulatory Commission pending approval, which it is expected to grant as part of its endorsement of the USPS “Delivering for America” plan, while ignoring the more than $50 BILLION dollars afforded to the USPS under last year’s bipartisan Postal Reform law.

Kevin Yoder, executive director of Keep US Posted, issued the following statement:

“With yet another stamp hike in July, Americans will experience the most postage increases in the shortest amount of time during all of the U.S. Postal Service’s 247-year history. The reality is that this strategy is not working. Each time rates go up, mail volume goes down. In fact, after January's rate increase went into effect, mail volume immediately decreased nearly 9% year-over-year, while expenses increased by 16%. Simply put, the USPS strategy does not deliver for America, nor does it deliver for the Postal Service. Rate hikes of this frequency are unprecedented and unsustainable. If left unchecked, DeJoy will plow ahead with additional stamp increases every few months, even though data shows that they put the squeeze on the American public and diminish mail volume. The rate strategy is short-sighted and needs to be rejected by the Postal Regulatory Commission in the name of protecting this critical public service.”


Keep US Posted is a coalition of consumer interests, members of the public, news media organizations, industry groups and businesses—all united in the belief that a reliable, affordable U.S. Postal Service is essential to our way of life and should be protected. Keep US Posted supports alternatives to current and future efforts to slow the mail and increase postage rates. To learn more about the organization and to get involved, visit


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